Above Ground Valve in Central Oklahoma

Gateway Pipeline completes pipeline construction projects of all scopes and sizes. Here, our team is adding an above ground valve in central Oklahoma.

48-Inch Natural Gas Pipeline Project

Over the last two years, Gateway Services Group has been providing survey support on a 48-inch natural gas pipeline supporting LNG operations on the Gulf Coast. Pictured here are two Gateway team members collecting data on a valve site as part of our as-built survey responsibilities on the project.

Gateway Provides Survey Support on 48 Inch Pipeline

Pictured are Gateway Services Group crew members providing survey support on a 48inch pipeline routed along the US Gulf Coast. Gateway’s survey scope included preliminary routing, construction staking, and an as-built of the pipeline and its related facilities.

Excavating Holes for Power Line Poles

Gateway’s Hydrovac service is excavating holes for power line poles in an area highly congested with underground utilities. Hydro excavation is the safest way to excavate in areas with existing pipelines. If you are installing power poles, fences posts, or digging around existing pipelines, Gateway’s two hydrovac trucks can assist you with your excavation projects.